Any track from our back catalouge - Via Email

Image of Any track from our back catalouge - Via Email


You can now buy any track off our previous three albums for 50p , you will receive your track via email immediately after we receive payment , you can have whatever tracks you like , please let me know in your payment - any questions please email
the tracks you can have are :-

Revenge of the reluctant messiah 2002

1.In Terms of Sound 2.Darkroom 3.youthache 4.Morphine Patch serves (to fuel my fire) 6.Jailbait 7.Dragonfish and my monster 9.Bouncing ball 10.Purple Barberella

The Whitey Album 2005

1.Cauldron 2.Lady of Choclate 3.Transmits Feelings 4.Chew chew
5. Weirdest Weekend 6.Beagle 7.Monument 8.Sinking Submarine
9.Roger Waters 10.Milkshake 11.Tenk+ 12.Between the lines

The Rainbow Hours 2007

1.Lets wrestle 2.CB Radio 3.Rat Race 4.Shopping Trolley 5.Stripey
6.pigeons 7.grind it up (part one) 8.grind it up (part two)
9.Flight of the kamikaze 10.periscope eyes 11.Erradicate